Acapulco chair a true classic

Acapulco Chair was designed in Mexico around the 1950’s from steel and plastic. Many believe that the American Hollywood presence in Acapulco’s hey day made the chair popular.  It is said, though, that in 2000, the Mexican designer Cecilia Leon Dela Barra officially christened the chair as the “Acapulco Chair.”

Based on time-honored Mayan hammock weaving technology this lounger chair unifies tradition with innovation and harmonizes the function of ergonomic comfort with retro-modern aesthetic form. The Acapulco is in every way cool. Its weave perfectly cradles the body within its clean lines without suffocating and offers a character of casual sophistication to every home or institution. The flexible yet durable vinyl cord gives the chair’s guest an instant siesta.
These simple chairs rainbow Mexican resort towns in their vibrant plastic splendor and are becoming more common stateside with the help of the Brooklyn-based collective Greenpoint Works. Maya Marzolf of GW explains the chairs essence like this, “its rudimentary function is a sun lounger: The flexible cording cradles the body comfortably, and its open weave allows the breeze to cool your skin.
Last summer when The Standard Hotel opened it’s rooftop bar overlooking the Hudson River and Manhattan cityscape, many New Yorkers were left ogling the stylish woven deck chairs, known in Mexico as the Acapulco Chair. The chair’s timeless ease in both design and comfort makes it an ideal candidate for reinvention, reinterpretation and global inspiration. A pedestrian eye can list its core qualities as: a metal frame, a rounded shape and a woven seat.
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As mature as the Acapulco Chair has become in recent years, its secure identity allows for turns in invention and playful use, Innit Designs seated a whole Mexican cinema with them and artist Pedro Reyes created a sweeping love chair for two. All in all, the Acapulco Chair continues to be colorful, ingenious and quintessentially Mexican.
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Acapulco chair Zerafino

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