Top 3: Best Pornstars with Short Hair Styles (2019)

If you are not a fan of long hairstyles that look like that of a shampoo commercial then don’t stress about it, we got you covered. We are even going to reach the full bald, 18-year-old boy like haircuts in this post (if you are into pornstars that look like cancer patients) so there are plenty of hot actresses for you to check out. In addition to that, we are curious, why exactly do you find short hairstyles so hot? Please leave a comment below and let us know, everyone is curious.

Anyway, enough of chit chat, let’s begin. We’ll keep the list fresh.

#1 Krissy Lynn
A hairy pussy owner with giant boobs and short, brunette hair. This is like the perfect pornstar look that you have been searching for, right? Not only does she have incredible curves but looking at her videos, Krissy does know the art of swallowing and fucking.

Just look at her tongue and the way she plays with that come like it is some sort of expression of her personality or creativity. I don’t know, she is fucking hot and loves dicks. That is enough.

#2 Dylan Ryder
Now we are entering the best hot short hair pornstars territory, and this is Dylan. She seems to have it all, maybe bit on the milf side, and whether that is a positive or negative depends on your perspective. However, her body still seems to be in a better shape than multiple teen pornstars, and that is a rare gem that must be protected and fucked.

Short black hair, big tits, and trimmed vagina lips. No downsides as far as I can tell.
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#3 Bonnie Rotten
Well, this is not going to end well for her. It looks like Bonnie accidentally got locked inside the football team locker and is about to be fucked gangbang style. Multiple dicks at the same time, hair on the shorter side and just look at all the fucking tattoos.

She is fucked up and if dicks were lemons, she would make so much lemonade that the world thirst would be eliminated from English vocabulary.

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